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How To Stop Hair Loss Forever

how to stop hair loss forever
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How To Stop Hair Loss Forever: Girl or boy, man or woman, everyone wants to look smart and for that, your hairstyle is very important. Hair loss is a common problem in today’s world. Everyone wants a solution to their Hair problem and for this, they start with Hair treatment and try home remedies.

Even after taking all kinds of measures to stop Hair loss, many people are not able to stop Hair loss. Today we will tell you why Hair falls out. Also, you will know some easy ways to stop Hair loss. If you try them on time, hopefully, you can increase your ‘smartness’.

What is hair loss?

Hair loss is also called alopecia areata. Both men and women lose their Hair but men are more affected and this problem becomes bald. Hair can fall from the head to the whole body, but usually, a woman or a man takes it seriously when the Hair on his head starts to fall out fast.

Although Hair loss is a normal process after the age of 40, you need to be careful if the Hair falls out quickly at a young age i.e. before the age of 40. If you have thick Hair, it is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, because new Hair replaces old Hair. But that is not always the case.

Many times the Hair falls out, but new Hair does not take its place. In many cases it happens slowly, so they may find out late. Many people lose their Hair quickly and within a few months, the scalp appears. In such cases, most people start all the remedies before they know the cause of Hair loss.

Causes of hair loss?

Causes of Hair loss are related to the health of your body and mind If your Hair falls out fast, you can evaluate the cause of Hair loss yourself.

The main cause of Hair loss is genetics. That is, if you have a family history of baldness, it is also a cause of Hair loss on your scalp. You can also understand that if most of your parents have lost their Hair prematurely, then your Hair is also falling out due to this.

Many times hair growth stops for a while and this also causes Hair loss. It usually occurs after some serious illness or surgery. In this condition, after the patient recovers, his hair growth also starts gaining momentum.

Hair loss is a disorder that is affecting more and more women during pregnancy, during and after childbirth, and even after menopause.

Hair loss is also caused by an infection of the thyroid or scalp.

Hair loss is also a problem for those who take medication for cancer, BP, heart disease, depression, and arthritis.

You will be surprised to know that many times after getting ’emotional shock’, Hair starts falling out. Such as when someone close to the family dies.

Diet is also a cause of Hair loss in lifestyle changes. Lack of protein, iron, and other essential nutrients in the diet can lead to Hair loss and thinning Hair.

Hair loss treatment

Many people do not take Hair loss seriously and when Hair loss starts, it stops after trying two or four remedies. But no treatment works for just a few days. This is done at different levels. First of all, it is important to know your Hair type. What we are going to say will be very effective in stopping your Hair from falling out.

Hair loss can be treated very quickly. It exists in the form of allopathy to homeopathy. Homeopathy treatment is long-lasting. We are talking about two medicines that are being used to cure Hair loss all over the world. You can also take them after consulting a doctor.

Hair loss medication

Minoxidil (Minoxidil): Androgenetic alopecia is one of the leading causes of Hair loss in men and women. This is a genetic type of Hair fall that has a family history. For this reason, in men, Hair loss begins at the age of fewer than 20 years. Even women begin to lose their Hair by the age of 40.

In this condition, a drug called minoxidil is given. Of special note is that this drug is also used in the treatment of high blood pressure. But if you experience eye irritation, itching, rash, headache, or swelling of the face after using this medicine, stop taking this medicine. Pregnant women should not take it either. Most importantly, do not use medication without a doctor’s advice.

Finasteride: Worldwide, this drug(Finasteride) is being used to treat baldness in men. There have been some studies on this drug, where it has been shown that some people who take finasteride regrow their Hair. However, the special thing is that finasteride does not affect the Hair or scalp.

This drug regulates the levels of DHT, a hormone called dry hydro testosterone. The growth of this hormone causes damage to the Hair follicles of men and causes Hair breakage. By controlling the levels of DHT, Hair breakage is reduced and they begin to grow. However, do not use this medicine without the advice of a doctor.

Hair loss treatment

Those who have lost their Hair completely or some part of their head can also regrow their Hair. It is available in various forms in the form of Hair replacement. So let’s get to know them too.

Stem Cell Therapy: Human hair growth begins with follicles located on the scalp. When these follicles die, they do not allow new Hair to grow. These follicles are stimulated in stem cell therapy. It forms new follicles and starts hair growth. This therapy helps new Hair to grow in three to four months and is more effective and safe than other therapies. It is used for both men and women.

Intensive Hair Root Therapy: The first thing that can be found in this therapy is Hair loss. The essential nutrients of the Hair are then injected directly into the Hair follicles in the form of medicines. For this microinjection is used and it does not cause any pain. After two to three months of this treatment new Hair starts to grow.

Laser Hair Treatment: This treatment is more commonly used for Hair loss due to genetic factors. This treatment accelerates blood circulation to the scalp and increases the metabolism of Hair follicles. After that hair growth starts. This treatment is usually taken for Hair loss on a specific part of the head.

Hair replacement: People who have lost their Hair or have problems with rapid Hair loss often have their Hair replaced. In the last few years, it has become the most popular treatment for baldness. Scalp reduction is the oldest method of Hair replacement. For those who have fine Hair on the back or side of the head and no Hair in the middle, this treatment is used.

Where there is no Hair, the scalp is removed and applied to the scalp or skin, where the Hair grows. It is one of the oldest methods of Hair replacement. Over time more methods of Hair replacement have come up. The doctor will decide what treatment you will need.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Many home remedies have been used for centuries to stop Hair loss. We are going to tell you some remedies that are beneficial and easy to try.

Amalki: Amalki acts as a traditional Hair tonic to enhance hair growth and beauty. The oil obtained from its fruit strengthens the Hair and accelerates its growth.

Terms of use

  • Cut the amalki into pieces and dry in the sun.
  • When it is well dried, boil it well with some pieces in coconut oil.
  • When this oil cools down, apply it to the Hair.
  • It also works to prevent Hair aging.

You can also soak a dried piece of amalki in water at night. The next morning, apply water to the Hair roots. It also nourishes the Hair.

Fenugreek: You must eat Fenugreek in winter. The seeds of this tree are mixed with yellow and brown. These are used to stop Hair loss.

Terms of use

  • Soak one or two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds overnight.
  • In the morning, apply it to the Hair roots.
  • Wash Hair after one hour.
  • Applying two to three times a week to stop Hair loss.

Oil massage: It is very important to massage the skin to retain moisture. Our Hair and scalp need something similar. Massaging the scalp with oil not only provides moisture to the scalp but also strengthens the Hair follicles. It increases blood circulation and hair growth. It can also get rid of dandruff.

Terms of use

  • Mustard, coconut, and olive oils are commonly used for Hair and scalp massage.
  • In summer, apply oil at normal temperature and give preference to massage with coconut oil.
  • Heat the mustard and olive oil and use a little heat.
  • Remember, lightly massage the oil with your hands. Do not pull the Hair. It will break them.

Women should get a head massage about two days a week. Men can massage with light oil three to four days a week.

Onion juice: The use of raw onion juice on the scalp is beneficial for Hair regrowth. The use of onion juice can be beneficial in alopecia areata (in case of Hair loss).

Terms of use

  • Peel onions and grate them in a mixer.
  • Now separate the mixture with a sieve.
  • Apply this mixture to the Hair roots with the help of cotton.
  • If you have a dandruff problem, you can mix lemon juice with onion juice.

You can try it about two days a week. Store the rest of the mixture in a glass bottle in the fridge.

Shikakai: Shikakai has been traditionally used in Hair care since ancient times. It is one of the Ayurvedic medicinal plants. To prepare it, the beans, leaves, and bark of the plant are dried and then its powder or paste is made. It is considered a good cleanser. It normally has a low pH and does not remove oil from the Hair.

Terms of use

  • Shikakai is applied to the Hair in the form of oils, shampoos, and conditioners.
  • It is also used in combination with Amla and Rita.
  • Shikakai powder can be mixed with any Hair oil, yogurt, or egg and applied to the Hair.

How To Stop Hair Loss – (How To Stop Hair Fall)

Proper diet: Proper diet is very important for the good treatment of any physical problem and it also applies to Hair loss.

Vegetables and salads: You need to include green vegetables in your diet. Add the salad to meals more than three days a week.

Celery and basil: Simultaneously, make celery and basil a part of your diet. You can drink basil tea. These two things are beneficial for your stomach, which is related to your healthy Hair.

Protein: Include protein-rich foods in your diet. Get protein from eggs, fish, and poultry. If you are a vegetarian, increase your intake of peanuts, low-fat dairy products, lemons, and green peas.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is very important for good hair growth. Spinach is a great source of spinach and sweet potatoes. These can be eaten as vegetables. According to doctors, vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, and zinc are very important for good hair growth and strengthening. You can fill their deficiency by taking multivitamin capsules after consulting a doctor.

Warm sun in the morning: Sit for a while in the light hot sun in the morning. If the Hair is wet, do not comb it, dry it in the morning sun. It will give vitamin D to the Hair.

Avoid treatment: Shorten or stop shortening or straightening Hair on the machine. Due to this the Hair becomes weak and starts breaking. Avoid any kind of chemical treatment like Hair dye. If you want to dye your Hair, choose a color that does not use ammonia.

Can we prevent genetic hair loss?

Hair loss cannot be stopped due to genetic reasons. Yes, this process can be slowed down by various remedies. Medications can lower testosterone levels, but nothing can be done about Hair follicles that have been damaged by hormone surges.

What are the dangers of daily hair loss?

Hair fall and new Hair replacement is a normal process. If you have one lakh hairs on your head and 50 to 100 hairs fall in it every day, then this is normal. Yes, if the Hair falls out in large quantities and very fast and that number of new hairs do not come, then you should be careful.

Does applying oil reduce hair fall?

It depends on the cause of the Hair loss. If the cause of Hair loss is stress, hormonal changes, or genetics, then applying oil can be of little benefit. But yes, the moisture in the oil makes the Hair and scalp healthier. The Hair needs to be massaged with oil from time to time.

Can hair fall out again after growing?

In many cases, this is seen after a few months. But in many cases, permanent baldness occurs after some time.


Hair loss can happen to anyone. If you ever have this problem, it is good to know the cause of Hair loss first. Most people don’t go to the bottom of it. They start taking straight treatment and eventually the Hair falls out. Hair loss can be prevented by taking the right treatment at the right time if the cause is not genetic.


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