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Use of Basil and Benefits of Basil Leaves

use of basil and benefits of basil leaves
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Our ancestors knew about the medicinal properties of basil thousands of years ago, so it has been given a prominent place for use in daily life. The benefits of basil leaves are also mentioned in detail in Ayurveda. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the benefits, medicinal properties, and uses of basil leaves.

What is basil?

Basil is a medicinal plant, rich in vitamins and minerals. This medicinal plant is said to be the goddess directly to cure all diseases and to increase physical strength because there is no other medicine that is more beneficial for mankind than this. 

Due to the religious significance of Basil, its plants are planted in every house. There are many varieties of Basil. In which white and black are prominent. He is also known as Ram Basil and Krishna Basil.

The basil plant is usually 30 to 60 cm tall and its flowers are small white and purple in color. Its flowering and fruiting season is from July to October.

The botanical name of Basil is Ocimum sanctum Linn. (Ocimum sanctum) and the family name is Lamiaceae (Lamiaceae). In other languages, ​​it is called by the following name.

Benefits of basil leaves and rules of eating

Basil leaves are considered to be more beneficial in terms of medicinal use. You can eat these directly from the plant. Like basil leaves, the benefits of basil seeds are innumerable. You can use basil seeds and leaf powder. This leaf has properties that relieve phlegm, rheumatic defects, increase digestion power and appetite and purify the blood.

Basil leaves are also very useful in treating fever, heart disease, stomach aches, malaria, and bacterial infections. Shyam Basil is considered to be more important than Ram Basil due to its medicinal properties. Let us know the details about the benefits of Basil.

Basil leaves are good for the brain

The benefits of basil also work wonders for the brain. Its daily use increases the efficiency of the brain and sharpens memory. For this, swallow 4-5 leaves of Basil with water every day.

Basil relieves headaches

Headaches occur during overwork or stress. If you also suffer from frequent headaches, apply a few drops of basil oil on the nose. Applying this oil on the nose can provide relief from chronic headaches and other ailments of the head. The most important thing is that the method of using basil should be correct.

Basil helps to get rid of head lice

If you have head lice and this problem has not been cured for several days, apply basil oil on your hair. When the basil leaves are taken from the basil tree and applied to the hair, the lice and nits in them die. The benefits of basil leaves are used in making basil oil.

Basil juice is good for night blindness

Many people do not see well at night, this problem is called night blindness. Basil leaves are very useful for you if you are suffering from night blindness. For this, apply two to three drops of Basil-leaves-Swaru twice a day.

Useful in sinusitis or pinas disease

If you suffer from sinusitis, mash the basil leaves or buds and smell it. The smell of this leaf gives quick relief from sinusitis.

Benefits of basil leaves for ear pain

Basil leaves are also effective in relieving ear pain and inflammation. If there is a pain in the ear, warm the basil-leaf-tone and give 2-2 drops in the ear. It gives quick relief from ear pain. Similarly, if there is swelling in the back of the ear, to get relief from it, crush the basil leaves and castor buds and mix some salt in it and apply it after heating. Eating basil leaves is also beneficial to get rid of ear pain.

Ear pain

Toothache relief (Basil benefits for toothache)

Basil leaves are also effective in relieving toothache. To get rid of toothache, make a tablet of black pepper and basil leaves.

Grandma’s basil chest is useful

Basil extract is beneficial for herpes and itching because of its planting properties. It reduces itching of herpes, as well as helps the wound to heal faster. If Basil extract is eaten, it purifies the blood, cleanses the impure blood, that is, it purifies the blood and helps in removing skin-related problems.

Benefits of basil seeds for regular menstrual irregularities

Menstrual irregularities occur due to the increase in rice defects in the body. Basil seeds have the property of controlling rice, so they can be used for menstrual irregularities. Basil seeds are helpful in relieving weakness, which is why it helps in relieving weakness felt during menstruation.

Use of basil to remove bad smell

A bad smell is due to digestive energy. Basil helps to eliminate odors due to its light and digestive properties. It also eliminates odors due to its natural fragrance.

Basil is useful in treating injuries

Basil is also used for wounds as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties. This property of Basil is also helpful in healing wounds and swelling.

Basil is beneficial for increasing glow

Basil is used to restoring the lost radiance of the face, as it has drying and planting properties. Due to its rough properties, it prevents excess oiliness of the skin from the face, which helps to get rid of acne and pimples. If Basil is eaten, due to its blood purifying properties, the skin of the face can be improved by purifying the impure blood.

The basil plant helps in snake bites

Apply 5-10 ml of basil-leaf-verus and crush its buds and roots and apply it to the place of snake bite. If the patient becomes unconscious, its juice should be dripped through the nose.


The usual dose of basil

Generally, basil should be eaten according to the amount mentioned below. If you use Basil for the treatment of any particular ailment, then you must consult an Ayurvedic doctor.

Where is the basil plant found or grown? 

You can also grow basil in your backyard. In general, basil plants do not require any special climate. It can grow anywhere. There is a religious belief that the basil tree dries up if the basil tree is not properly maintained or there is dirt around the tree.


Does playing basil increase immunity?

According to Ayurveda, Basil has medicinal properties which help in boosting the body’s immunity (immunity). This is why Ayurvedic practitioners recommend eating Basil in the winter season or season change. Regular consumption of Basil does not make the body sick quickly and also increases the ability to fight against many seasonal diseases.

How to use Basil Leaves to get rid of cold and cough?

If you often suffer from cold in the winter season, then eat Basil tea. Basil tea is an ace medicine for the treatment of cold and flu. You can buy Basil tea directly from the market if you want, or you can add 3-4 leaves of Basil leaves to the homemade tea. Its use gives quick relief from cold-cough symptoms.


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